Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea occurs when the walls of your throat collapse.  The upper part of your airway is blocked.  Breathing can stop for up to a minute.  When this happens, your brain registers a drop in oxygen and have a small wake-up call.

During a night’s sleep, this occurs hundreds of times.  The result is daytime sleepiness, tiredness and poor concentration during the day.  Sex drive may be reduced, and you may find the need to go to the toilet frequently during the night.

People who suffer from sleep apnoea have a higher rate of motor vehicle accidents.  They are also at greater risk of suffering from high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

One in four men over 30 years is affected.

Sleep apnoea should be diagnosed by a sleep doctor.

There are a number of treatments for sleep apnoea.  One line of treatment is with a jaw posturing device which holds your jaw and tongue forward to prevent some of your throat collapsing when you sleep.

We can make you a customised jaw posturing device to fit your jaws and bite on recommendation from a sleep doctor.