Occlusal Splints (Night Guards)

Grinding your teeth (or bruxism) can occur for a number of reasons.  Often it’s your bed partner that wakes to the horrendous sound of gnashing enamel while you sleep through blissfully unaware.

You may wake up with:

  • sore and stiff jaw muscles
  • sore jaw joints
  • sore and sensitive teeth
  • a headache

Over the long term, significant wear can occur on the teeth.  We commonly see cracked teeth or damage to existing dental work.

Occlusal splints (also known as night guards or bite plates) can take pressure off the jaws and teeth.

They are usually made for the top teeth for wear at night.  They are designed to prevent your teeth locking together so the jaw muscles relax.

These are usually custom-made to fit your mouth and bite.  They need to be regularly checked and adjusted.

Speak to your dentist if you think you may be affected.  We can help tailor a splint and a regimen of wear suited to your needs.