Dentistry does not receive Medicare or Government subsidisation (except for CDBS).  However private dental practices such as ours need to comply with numerous standards that also apply to hospitals, such as infection control, x-ray licensing, education and training, in addition to fixed overheads such as materials, utilities, staff and rent.  

Our fees are structured to ensure high quality of care at as reasonable cost as possible.  Fees are current as at the time of the last update (March 2021). 

Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS) patients are accepted and bulk-billed. Please advise the receptionist when making the appointment and on your arrival. Please arrive 10 minutes earlier than scheduled to complete forms.

ServiceItem NumberCostAdditional Info
Consultation only014$90
Scale and clean only114$151
Check-up, scale and clean012 & 114$175
Pulp extirpation (for painful nerve)419$300Consultation for the pain diagnosis and an x-ray will be required. This is not a complete root canal treatment.
Extractions$300-$600May require referral if the extraction is deemed complex and/or hospital admission required e.g. deeply embedded wisdom teeth.
Orthodontic consultation$200

The fee includes initial consultation to take records, analysis of x-rays, discuss the improvements desired.  

A follow-up appointment is also included in this fee to outline treatment options, process, estimated time in treatment and cost. Complex orthodontic cases (e.g. surgical treatment) will require referral to a specialist.

Normal cost of orthodontic treatment ranges from $6000-$7500 including retainers.