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Choosing a dentist is an important decision.  There are many loud advertisements on the radio and online.  Our practice has been built on personal recommendations.  We’ve put together a little bit of information about ourselves and our practice.  If you’d like to know more, read on…


As a long-established practice, we often see several generations of the same family. We see them as an extension of our own family: from great-grandparents, to great-grandkids. They share with us their stories, and we share with them ours. Whenever they need something dental, we care for them as if they were our own family because we know them personally. Should you come and see us for your dental needs, whether for a consultation or a second opinion, we would like to show the same care to you.


We want to know what your concerns are. We want you to know we are concerned about your well-being. What have you had done in the past? What have you been happy with? What dental treatment has disappointed you? What can we do for you now? We want to know what we can do to alleviate your concern when you come. What else can we do for you? We want to know what we can do specifically to make you feel at ease, so you have confidence in attending our practice.


Your comfort is important to us. We make every effort to make your visit as comfortable as we can. We supply ceiling televisions, neck cushions and plenty of magazines (even blokey magazines – don’t get your hopes up – it’s only motor, 4WD, golfing and biking mags). We understand dental phobias. Jennifer has one. We understand low pain thresholds. Peter has one. We understand bad gag reflexes. Jennifer has one. We understand bad bites. Peter has one. We understand supernumary teeth. Jennifer has one. We understand tall people. Peter’s one. We understand short people. Jennifer’s one. We will even contort our necks and backs (unless we’re having a bad back day) to make sure you’re comfortable. We treat wheelchair patients. We don’t just treat humans – we treat chickens too.


When your care is in the hands of the same professional, they get to know what works, what doesn’t work in your mouth; what you like and what you don’t. Many of our patients have been coming to see us at this practice for most of their lives. The practice has been providing dental services to the local community for almost 100 years (not Peter and Jennifer personally). The practice has been passed from dentist to dentist for the duration of their careers.


For a general dental practice, we offer a really good range of services. When you need treatment, we will give you a range of treatment options to suit both your needs and your hip pocket. We will give you the pros, cons and costs of each option, but the final decision rests with you.


Our staff work together as a team. We like having staff that stay on for a long time, because we understand most of our patients like the security of seeing the same faces each time they come in. Our longstanding patients are like friends. They tell us about their families and we tell them about ours. We try to make sure everyone gets along well here because we know you know when we don’t. And as for us, we want to like turning up to work because we like the people we work with.


Peter and Jennifer both graduated from Sydney University in 2004 with BDS (Honours). They have both gained broad clinical experience in regional private practice in the first three years of the dental careers, in Wyong and Lithgow respectively, before returning to Sydney. They have both taught students at the University. Jennifer has been involved with undergraduate teaching. Peter tutored in anatomy. In order to keep up with the latest developments in dentistry, both Peter and Jennifer have completed additional structured training in implants and orthodontics. In fact, their rare day off together would more than likely be spent at yet another dental course. Both dentists maintain memberships of dental study groups and societies.


We believe in the old-fashioned values of honesty, reliability and timeliness. How does this translate into our treatment philosophy?


In dentistry, ‘less is more’ in most circumstances. We will give you an honest appraisal of what we see in your mouth and offer you the treatment options that are available.


We believe in tried and true methods. Whilst we keep up with technological advances, we will not offer treatment unless it makes (scientific) sense to us and has validated results. If we do offer a new mode of treatment, we offer it in good conscience because we believe existing treatment methods do not adequately address your needs (and we have a gut feeling it will probably work).


We believe in regular check-up visits because problems caught early means less treatment is needed (which means less damage, less time and less cost for you). If any treatment is required, we will give our opinion on the best time to intervene. Did you know we screen for oral cancer at check-up visits? We do our best to run on time (and we do, most days). If we can’t, we ask for your patience because we may be helping someone with an emergency. On the same note, if you have an emergency we will do our best to see you ASAP.


We want to know you better, not just your teeth. We see you as a person with a mouth, not a mouth attached to a person. You’ll get to know us better too. Peter likes telling jokes, although he has the odd bad one in his repertoire. He also has a knack for rhyming words. (Just ask him about the time he was waiting outside to be seated at a Japanese restaurant and the wait staff started calling out numbers to the horde of queuers.) Jennifer sometimes unwittingly makes a badly-timed comment. She has bad hair days most days, and is in denial about hair loss. And Shannon (our receptionist) is one who’s known for liking a good story (if you have one to tell) – just ask one of our other patients.


We like to keep our days light-hearted. It helps to keep everyone relaxed. There’s more laughing than screaming coming from this joint. (Happy gas is available for those who need extra help.)


Jennifer has been involved with providing volunteer dental services to the Aboriginal community in Bourke. She has been involved with the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures TM program in providing dental education visits at local schools. Peter makes regular local nursing home visits for those who cannot travel. We also support local businesses by eating at the local take-away shops. If you see as around, don’t be alarmed – we won’t look at your teeth.


The mouth and teeth are linked to the whole body. If the gums and teeth are not healthy, bacterial can enter the bloodstream and cause health problems. Looking after your oral healthy is another step on the way to looking after your overall health. We are committed to looking after your oral health. We want you to be as committed a Dental Health Believer as we are.